Trojan Cafe Renovations Detailed

August 22, 2018

U of A Little Rock Dining Services has exciting renovations underway! We have transitioned to a traditional resident dining format to expand our dining program at Trojan Café. Whilst we have changed the format of the Trojan Café, we are also doubling the seating in the Donaghey Student Center retail dining area. These changes will support U of A Little Rock Dining Services’ mission to align with the University’s vision for our students. U of A Little Rock Dining Services is committed to building a community and atmosphere for all students to enjoy and love.
Trojan Café’s total renovation features new furnishings, revamped menu options, with an All-You-Care-To-Eat buffet. The expanded menu includes a refreshed serving area, and more Mindful, Simple Servings, Vegetarian, and Vegan options. Prices for breakfast ($4.95), lunch ($7.95), and dinner ($8.95) at Trojan Café are the same as last year.
Students with meal plans have the option to use meal swipe in retail dining for any meal of the day (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). A meal swipe exchange can be used at four of our on-campus restaurants: Tres Habaneros, Trojan Bistro, Sub Connection, and WOW Café.  There are four menu options to choose from for each location (a total of 16 meals).
Swipe To Go is for students who want to take their Trojan Café meal to go. A one-time fee gives a student a reusable green container for the semester. When returning to Trojan Café, they will exchange their green container for a clean and sanitized green container.
Along with our Trojan Café renovation, we are excited to offer premium food events for guests with meal plans at Trojan Café for no upcharge. Events will feature special menus that include items such as: Grilled Sirloin Steaks, Grilled Ribeyes, BBQ Pork Ribs, ½ Rotisserie Style Chicken, Half-Pound Pepperjack Stack Burgers, and a variety of seafood options in a fun, festive environment! U of A Little Rock Dining Services is also hosting activity-filled events throughout the semester. A calendar of events can be found on our website,, as well as on our social media sites @ualrdining.